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Apex Brewery
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    We are paranoid about cleanliness... it pays off

    All our beers are fermented at the controlled temperature range suitable for the yeast. So the yeast isn't stressed but instead enjoys a full meal of wort after the grain is lovingly step-mashed at the correct pH with adjusted salts. There are at least five separate sources of fermentables available for the yeast. (The majority of our grain bill originates locally from the oldest Maltster in England, Warminster Maltings.) The last stepped temperature is high enough to ensure full bodied ale. All hops we use are British from Charles Faram. In addition the yeast feasts on pure oxygen, not filtered air. Post fermentation the pre-cleaned casks are steam cleaned, gravity filled and dry hopped. Because the hops provide a natural blanket in the real ale casks, you can drink the last pint from our casks. 

    After a diacetyl rest, the casks are conditioned at 12 degrees Celcius before delivery. All our beers are unfined which may make the beer appear hazy, but without adding fish guts, our beers are vegan friendly, tastier, and contain all the minerals and vitamins that would otherwise have been removed giving you the healthiest pint we can. You’re welcome.  

    Oh and all our beers are brewed to 5% ABV but recipes can be adjusted to make any strength you need. Our latest brew, Grid Walk (pump clip is under construction) is a 6.5% ABV version of Full Chat. Get in touch to discuss delivery (pump clips designed in house and supplied by Leawood Manufacturing Ltd): info@apex.beer  or +447817806730. Cheers!